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Chapter 6- Jealous Romance and An Old Friend?!

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Jin led us to his car. I was about to speak up when he opened the passenger door to reveal a custom made seat made just for wheelchairs. I looked up and gave him a smile. He smiled back and positioned me in the passenger seat. Jimin got in the backseat as Jin sat in the driver seat. "Where are we heading hyung?" Jimin asked for the 15th time. Jin rolled his eyes, "WE were supposed to be going to a fancy restaurant and having a romantic dinner." he glanced at me. I tried hard not to meet his gaze and looked out the window. The rest of the ride was silent until Jin parked at the most luxurious and probably expensive restaurant I had ever sern. Even Jimin seemed surprised at the place. "Wow hyung!! You really went over and beyond with this." Jin got out the car and helped me out. Jimin stepped out the backseat his eyes only widening at the sight of the restaurant. My reaction was no different. It was extremely beautiful. "Wow Jin!! How did you ever pay for this?" I asked while we walked up to a hostess. Jin smiled at me while pushing me. "Well...let's just say I've been saving up." Jimin snorted. The hostess,who seemed to know, Jin immediately led us to our table which was set up.....for only two people.
I looked at Jimin with a guilty expression. How could I forget that Jin only planned for the two of us? Jimin noticing the situation went and sat in the seat across from me. Jin who was too busy helping me in my seat saw Jimin in his seat and have him a look. Jimin pretended not to notice the looks he were being given and called a waiter. "What do you think you're doing Jimin?" I heard the annoyance in his voice. "Hyung I'm really tired..can't you just add on a chair?" Jimin made a pout face. Jin didn't want to make a scene with me there so he asked for an extra chair and placed it as close as he could to me. I blushed as our elbows bumped because we were so close. Jimin who was done ordering was staring at us. Jin ordered for the both of us next. While waiting for food, I decided to make conversation because it was getting too awkward. "Jimin you danced really well in the concert tonight. You seemed very... emotional to say the least." I laughed nervously. Jimin lighted up and smiled. "Thanks Kiara I was trying to get your attention the whole time." I laughed again nervously. "I could tell. Jin what did you think of Jimin's dancing? It was good right?" "I guess...I tried my best too you know." he murmured. I gave him a side hug. "Aww I know you did. You were awesome too." Jin's expression got a bit better after that. As we were waiting for the food, my mind drifted off thinking of how well Marisol and Aimee's dates were going.
Namjoon pulled Marisol by the hand as they left thlle dressing room first. He didn't stop till they got outside. He located his own car and led Marisol over to it. "Could you maybe tell me where were actually going?" Namjoon ignored her question as he led her into the seat. He sat down next to her and started the car. But before he could drive off Marisol grabbed the wheel. "Where are we going?" Marisol didn't feel like asking again. Namjoon looked at her and then beckoned her closer. Marisol leaned in and saw his finger as it placed itself on her lips. He leaned in to where Marisol could actually just lean in to kiss him. Which she really REALLY wanted to do. "Shhhhh..." Namjoon said with a whisper. "Just enjoy the ride for now." With burning cheeks and a fluttery stomach Marisol leaned in and closed the space between them. His lips were as soft as she always dreamed they were. Namjoon, who was surprised at first, kissed her back immediately gaining control. When Namjoom finally pulled away for a breath, Marisol whined at the lost of warmth. Namjoon chuckled at her as they drove off into the night. ********
Aimee hated her clumsiness with a passion. She apologized to what seemed like the millionth person after bumping into them. J-Hope was getting a bit irritated. " klutz!! I guess you really do need me huh?" he grinned after saying that. "I guess I do." Aimee chuckled. J-Hope bowed down to Aimee as if she was a queen. "That settles it my fair lady. Allow me to be your escort on this beautiful night." he looked up from his pose with a grin. Aimee rolled her eyes but couldn't kwpo herself from laughing at his actions. "So stay close to know for protection and all that!!" He grabbed her hand and pulled her close to him as they walked along the street. " Aimed leaned into his shoulder as they walked. "Okay. Thanks." J-Hope put on his serious face as he looked ahead. "Don't worry," speaking to Aimee, "I'll be your hope." Aimee looked at him with surprise. He turned to her and planted his lips onto Aimee's and the world stopped for a second. It felt like heaven as J-Hope kissed her with an energy and Aimee could only crumble beneath him. He stepped back still holding onto Aimeesy hand. "Onward my fair lady. The night awaits us!!" He said with his trademark smile as he dragged Aimer through the busy streets of Seoul. *******
After the most awkward dinner ever we finally left the restaurant. Jimin somehow got behind me and was now pushing me towards the car while Jin stayed back to pay for the dinner. As we were going back Jimin suddenly spoke. "I like you Kiara." The silence was deafening. Did I just hear right? "I like you a lot. And whether you feel the same way or not I just want you to know that if you ever need someone..anyone.. I'll be there for you.". There was more silence as I took all this in. He continued to speak. "I know you know how Jin feels about you. Its pretty obvious. Ever since he saw you get hit in the head at the concert he's always tried to do his best to help you." I smiled at the memory of Jin at the hospital. "Yeah but Jimin... I knew you felt the same way but I jut didn't know how to respond to it. I just have so many mixed emotions and I don't even know how I'm feeling right now." I said all in one breath. Jimin patted my shoulder. "Yeah I can't say that wasn't my fault.. hehe. Sorry for all the looks. I shkidlve considered how awkward you would feel. I just couldn't help myself." I blushed at that. "Jimin..I really am flattered but.." Jimin stopped me right there. "If you really are flattered then take this rose as a symbol of my love. I know your feelings are elsewhere but please just take this rose. Take it as a symbol of my love for you." I looked at the flower and slowly grabbed it form his hands. "Thank you Jimin." I said feeling bad for rejecting him. Jimin put on a smile. "Hey don't feel so bad. You made me feel like I actually had jams. Even if it was only for a short while. You better enjoy the rest of your date. And. call me if anything goes wrong. " With that he left me by the car to wait for Jin as he walked off to grab a cab home.
Jin finally came out and ran over to me when he saw that I was alone. "Where's Jimin?" he asked. "Why would he leave you here like this?". I hid the flower from Jimin behind me. "He had to leave. He was...uhhh tired. And wasn't feelimg too well." Jin shook his head in understanding. "Oh I hope he gets home okay then. Shall we go?". I nodded in agreement but got confused when Jin started pushing away from the car. "Wait where are we going?" I looked up at him. "Don't worry. We'll be there in no time." He wasn't kidding as we turned the next corner and right there was a ordinary park. "A park?" I asked. He smiled at it. "Not just any park...this is the park I always played on when I was a kid. I remembered my mother taking me here everyday after lessons." I looked at the park imagining a baby Jin running around the park. He led us to a bench and perched me beside it. "You stay right here while I go get some ice cream okay?" he said almost tripping over himself. "Okay." I replied while laughing at his nervousness. I hugged myself as a felt a cold wind blow through the park. I looked around glad to see that Jin wasn't that far away. Then, all of a sudden, I felt the familiar pain in my head as I grabbed it trying to massage my temples. It didn't help one bit as I tried to call for Jin. No sound came from me. The pain had took my voice away. I looked around trying to find someone who was nearby who could help.
That's when I spotted her through my pain. A girl. But not just any girl...Coreena. A very old friend. I shook my head because I had to be dreaming. But she never wavered. can this be? Tears of disbelief and confusion broke out as I wheeled myself closer and closer to her. Not because I was surprised she was there but because she's been dead for 3 years now...
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