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So I met a few people that like kpop. And me being me, I became too excited! Its really hard to find kpop fans in college but all that didnt matter when I found these people. However, they werent very interested in talking about it for more than a few minutes. The topic would suddenly change to American pop in a matter of seconds. I mean, why are you doing this to me? If I met someone who loved kpop I probably wouldnt be able to stop talking about it. Theres only one girl with whom I had a nice long conversation about BTS and their comeback all ended after she got off at her stop. Every other person ive met in college who listens to kpop just wont talk about it....why? Are you not proud of being a kpop fan? Why wont you talk about it? Im dying here to talk about all the awesome comebacks lined up for November but all I can do is sit and die inside with the infinite amount of feels.
All of you (the 'fake' kpop fans at my college) are shincha daebak! And not in the good way. All im asking is for friends who are kpop/kdramas fans and arent afraid to be one. Be a proud kpop fan! Im just really upset right now... Well I shouldnt complain because I have you guys. The Vingle family is so nice. I really love you guys. I dont know what i'd do without you guys. I hope you guys continue with ur awesomeness and spread the korean love !!
I feel the same way; I can never find somebody that loves KPop and when you do, they never wanna talk about it for long ugh. I'm glad I discovered this app from Facebook since I would've never known about this app at all until now. #SuchAStruggle
Welcome Friend!
Yeah I find that a lot of people don't like to talk about Kpop in real life, if that makes sense? Like, its still a cool thing on the internet but in real life people are like "no im too cool for kpop" and thats SUPER lame of them.
some people think of kpop as more of a past time hobby or something that isn't a big part of their life (obviously opposite from us). I hope you DO find someone who is open to talking about korean entertainment and isn't afraid to do so either 😆 BEST OF LUCK, CHINGU! Colleges are huge, I'm sure you'll find at least one person~