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Free eternal summer and BTS
So I saw someone do a card talking about certain idols looking like anime characters and I couldn't help but make this comparison lol. I see a lot of similarities and such. So I'm gonna compare now mainly with looks and slightly with character traits. :3
Jin and Makoto
Namjoon and Rei
Suga and Sosuke
J-hope and Momotaro
V and Maqisa
Rin and Jimin
Jungkook and Haruka
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oh dear god its accurate
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@CreeTheOtaku EXACTLY dude EXACTLY
2 years ago·Reply
@Ilikepancakes this got me excited when I saw a different card that has luhan from exo who looked like nagisa
2 years ago·Reply
That's the exact same card that made me wanna make this comparison XD @CreeTheOtaku
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