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I tried caught up but took a few weeks, how about you guys.
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I have binge watched one piece a little over 5 times now. It takes me about almost 2 weeks to watch every episode. But depending how busy I get during the week too. I would even keep binge watching it too it's such an amazing anime.! :D
WOOOOO! I love one piece. I watched it slow so it took me about half a year to catch up.
@VinMcCarthy yep hat, pants vest and yellow wrap and sandals too. They have the cosplay full design on Amazon for like $65-70 haha so def buying it idk how it'll fit but I wanna make my own custom jeans all frayed at the knees like his and then find someone to make me a real strong perfect straw hat. Vest and yellow wrap won't be a bid deal to use cosplay wear. Then once I'm out of army I'm getting luffys scar tatted below my eye and prob for my bday I'm getting his scar tatted across my a heat under my naruto fighting sasuke check piece and it's gonna have the straw hat design right above middle of scar and then say RIP ASxCE under the scar!! So stoked to become a real pirate and have my NAKAMA with my adventure!!
i binge watch one piece all the time..from beginning to the current ep at the time. not sure how long it takes me but i get through them in no time at all ❤
I binge watched One Piece so hard. It was an amazing and grueling process.