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I tried caught up but took a few weeks, how about you guys.
@VinMcCarthy so so much more adventures to happen for you bro!! They journey has just begun and the sails have just Been lowered. Now you will enjoy the long but amazing journey. Upside is you don't have to wait each week for a new episode lol. I've re watched it about 4-5 times takes me usually a few weeks to watch it all the way through even longer now. Currently on manga vol 33 but put it on pause to read fairy tail which I'm now on vol 33. All because I was trying to read 5 different mangas at once and was like ok let's just catch up and finish one. Then jump back to OP funny reading the manga after you've seen the episodes bc I read it in my head in their voices and imagine their animated reaction and just start laughing. People are looking at me like what a wierdo reading a cartoon book. N then I look back with a smile and say well if you think this is a cartoon book, your life sucks haha.
I binge watched One Piece so hard. It was an amazing and grueling process.
I have binge watched one piece a little over 5 times now. It takes me about almost 2 weeks to watch every episode. But depending how busy I get during the week too. I would even keep binge watching it too it's such an amazing anime.! :D
@LuffyNewman complete with straw hat??
@VinMcCarthy my NAKAMA maybe I will. But think I will wait till summer and wear my entire Luffy gear out to make it an ADVENTURE ;) haha
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