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I had fun making these cards for you girls and I hope you like them. Thank you for playing my games, I hope you had a lot of fun. Now you who you lovers and how y'all got here, now it's time to see if your relationship is working or it's not So Let's Play Lovers With GOT7 FINAL Part 2
@Emealia lol so many lol
So I met JR at the Zoo and our first date was to the movies. Six months down the road I got me two side dudes, TaeYang and Lee Min Ho, and end up pregnant. JR and I decide to stay Friends With Benefits but he ends up getting me pregnant. So I've myself two baby daddies and no actual man but I got three FBs. Way to go Em XD
Youngjae and I were together and I created on him with Jonghyun and Sehun. A couple of months later I found out that I was pregnant and its Sehun's. When Youngjae and Jonghyun found out they left me while Sehun started by my side. Im due in a couple of months around January.. :D
@CreeTheOtaku me too! I don't know if I should be happy that you choose same as me or equally sad that it happen to you lol
I feel bad because I had a one night stand and now I got triplets 😢😢😢
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