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Royal pirates !

I know that some of you maybe didn't knew or heard about that group before just like me . before I didn't know about that group and never heard about them But ! Guess what? ! last week I was listening to kpop radio but while I was listening to music suddenly there song just appear in the radio when I heard there voices I open my advice to see who they are because I never heard that song before and there voices was new for me then I knew that there name is royal pirates and there group debuted in KR in 2013 The band consists of Kim Moon-chul (vocals, guitar), Kim Soo-yoon (drums), and James Lee (bass guitar). I really really like there voices and if you're wondering about the song name it's called :- Betting everything I heard a sad story about this band Richard (Moonchul's older brother) was the bass player for the band Fading From Dawn(2004–2008). He died along with two other best friends, David Chung(μ •μš©ν˜) and Daniel Kim(김동은), in a car accident. After his death, the band changed the name to Royal Pirates. R.I.P Richard
English Name: Andrew Kim Korean Name: Kim Moon Chul Stage Name: Moon Birthday: September 2, 1988 Position: Main Vocalist, Guitar Height: 177 cm Blood Type: O Twitter: @moonchul -He is from Incheon, South Korea
Birth Name: Kim Soo Yoon Stage Name: Sooyoon Birthday: December 17, 1989 Position: Drums, Lead Vocalist, Maknae Height: 181 cm Blood Type: A Twitter: @sooyoonk
English Name: James Lee Korean Name: Lee Joo Hyun Stage Name: James Birthday: June 9, 1988 Position: Bass, Lead Vocalist Height: 190 cm Instagram: @jamesjhl Twitter: @jamesjoohyunlee

Former Members

English Name: Richard Kim Korean Name: Kim Moon Chan Stage Name: Richard Birthday: October 4, 1986 Death: April 11, 2008 Position: Bass -He is Moon's brother -He died in a car accident in 2008 along with two other friends of the band, David Chung and Daniel Kim -After his death, Moon and Sooyoon decided to change the band's name to Royal Pirates and they added member James.

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I've been listening to them for almost 7 years! They have been around for so long that they deserve much more love!
I love Royal Pirates! Betting Everything is one of the most amazing songs I've ever heard.