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Im doing this not to start debates but people ask me all the time whos the strongest anime character of all time based on fighting ability and power But based on research i have finally figured it all out this our the strongest characters of all time
Number 5 " Zeref he can kill you instantly one blast :/ well other then that he is the strongest character in fairy tail and one of the strongest anime characters of all time he doesn't just need his magic either he is very good at hand to hand combat easily beating natsu.
Number 4: Tsuna when you think of tsuna you probably think what the hell is he doing here but he isn't as weak as you think he is being able to move at the speed of light and able to control gravity even without those thing's he's strong enough to fly out of a black hole and Able to destroy islands with a double X burner .
Number 3 Jin mo ri: The monkey king himself he is able to move at the speed of sound an expert hand to hand combat and able to kill thousands of gods with a single swoop of his staff he can control lighting and can make millions of clones of himself that all have the same power as him.
Number 2 Satima: One punch man. ONE PUNCH MANNNN able to move faster then sound able to easily defeat any opponent (except the number one character ) he's so strong a giant fish creature was flooding the earth he used a serious punch he then blew up the fish's body then even split the ocean in half look it up it's amazing ^_^
Number 1 Whis: Was there any doubt the man that trained beerus can take goku and vegeta at the same time and can even get distracted while fighting them and they still couldn't land a hit well until goku and vegeta by the power of main character bull shit Whis is the strongest anime character ever i hope you enjoyed.
i may ne wrong but naruto is faster than the rikage in his bijuu mode and the rikage moves at the speed of lightning and naruto can use the flying rajin i think just like his father minato
I agree with everyone on this list, except for Tsuna. I love Hitman Reborn so much, but he's isn't stronger than Naruto, or Goku, or Luffy. They would all win over Tsuna.
Sesshomaru needs to be on here. Just saying. 馃槃
how can naruto or luffy touch tsuna if he moves at the speed of light though and goku i didn't put because then this whole list would be dbz characters
If you base it off strictly fighting abilities, sure. But factor in willingness to give up, mental strength, loyalty... You've added a couple extra characters that could be in this list! (: I'm shocked to see Zeref Dragneel for sure though! But it does make sense. I love Zeref.