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Is anyone excited for the Hockey Hall Of Fame Induction ceremony next Monday? I never liked Nicklas Lidstrom or Chris Pronger very much when they played (Lidstrom's Red Wings dominated my Blackhawks, and Pronger wasn't the cleanest player), but they certainly deserve their spots. Sergei Federov was fun to watch, and I'm also glad they're honoring Bill Hay, who is a legend on and off the ice. Then there's Phil Housley, Angela Ruggiero (great women's hockey player), and off-ice great Peter Karmanos Jr. This is a great HOF class.
Not a huge hockey fan...but HOF events are always really exciting!
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Where is the HOF for NHL?
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It's in Toronto. If you're ever there it's worth a visit.
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@KyleBerke Ahh should have would be in Canada haha
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