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There's a cat cafe in Seoul... I think I'm going to cry
This is literally heaven for me. If you know me, you know how much I LOVE cats. Like, LOVE LOVE LOVE cats. I have 2, but I NEED more.
These are my two idiots by the way. Wolverine (boy) and Slim Shady (girl, don't ask... I really have no explanation)
BUT I REALLY LOVE CATS! Cats + KPop + KDramas + Vingle = My life Comment below if you also love cats! If you have cats, how many do you have? If not, do you like dogs? Do you have dogs? Maybe you have a giraffe! Is that legal? What animals can't you have? Are you allowed to have sea otters as pets? If so, let me know because I also REALLY LOVE SEA OTTERS! Although wouldn't it be difficult to take care of sea otters at pets? Having a gorilla would be pretty cool! But imagine cleaning up after it. No thanks!
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