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Listen to Want Me Some U by ALEX REID #np on #SoundCloud she can song
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I'm excited to see where this journey takes her 😊👌
@darcmana @PrettieeEmm @kpopandkimchi She is very pretty and I think she have a.beautiful voice but I saw the mv and the dance video and their performance they are just using her, one in the dance ver. they had her do her part then stand in the corner like a little kid, second I saw the teaser I saw that she was in it, but in the mv I didn't even see her at all. three during the comeback performance she look like she was feature in stead of being in a group. I don't think they care for real they are just TRYING to out beat SM ENT bc they was going to come out with an African-Korean guy.
@DeniseiaGardner That's not right... I didn't see the teasers or the mv but I've heard some negative comments about her position towards the group and the publicity they're gaining by having her. she better off doing a Lee michelle and get more of a support from Tiger JK and other african-koream artist.
I heard they were waiting on her visa... which is still sketchy
@darcmana she is behind defjam records that's the one of the biggest music company how in the hell is her visa Fuck up lol I'm just saying