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@kpopandkimchi @KellyOConnor @ArmyofKookie @Myaisnotsexy @B1A4BTS5ever @Rhia @CreeTheOtaku @electica Well I hate to say this but I have yet another bias...
Park Jinwoo aka JinJin from ASTRO (they haven't debuted yet)
He is in the Kdrama To Be Continued along with the other members of ASTRO All it took was one episode for me to choose him as my bias
And what do you know he fits the pattern of my biases he is a rapper and has that one hairstyle :)
Just look at his smile :D
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jinjin is too perfect hes my bias of the group and the first person i was drawn to besides rocky hes too adorable
2 years ago·Reply
YASSS ASTRO!!!! It just makes me sad that only a few are older than me.
2 years ago·Reply
Cutie!! I'm interested to see how the drama affects their success!
2 years ago·Reply
For me, my bias is San Ha and he is only 1 year older than me
2 years ago·Reply
omg I've been freaking out about them since that drama and I've just been like Why is no one talking about them! lol
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