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Wishing a very Happy Birthday to Kris Wu!

It's technically November 6 but it's now over there.

For all those EXO-L's out there! Give some love to this former member!

Even though he is no longer in EXO, true fans should support him no matter what! He is doing such a good job in his new films. He will always still be leader of EXO-M in my heart.

We miss you dearly! Saranghae!

What is your favorite Kris moment?

I will ALWAYS love Kris/Wufan! His chicken is not my style will go down in kpop history
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@kpopandkimchi So true! He can even speak 4 languages but all he can say is "uh."
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I miss laxy alot!!! Oppa saranghae💖
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happy early/late? birthday....?
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