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Got7 lovers game story.

The First Meeting:
It was late January this last year. I was running late. To make matters worse it was pouring, and I forgot my umbrella. As I was waiting for the rain to let up I stood in the door way of a rundown shop. I really didn't notice that someone was staring at me as I stood there looking up and down the abandon street. I felt someone touch my arm. I jumped and screamed as I fell in the rain. Oh man all wet again, I look up to see this handsome man staring down at me. This man put his hand out to help me up. I look at him got up on my own. I looked deep in his eyes. He told me his name was Jb. I looked at him warmly and said I know. He was surprised I recognized him with him being overseas. I told Him I have seen all his music videos and saw is dramas. He asked me if I wanted to grab a hamburger with him until the rain stops. I nodded yes.
First Date:
We walked across the street to a local McDonalds. We placed our orders and as we waited I told Jb I was going to go dry myself off in the restroom. As I walked to the restroom I turned around and smiled before I pushed open the bathroom door. As I was inside the bathroom, I started freaking out. No way was I on a date with Jb from Got7. I smiled at the thought of our first encounter. I looked in the mirror and noticed my hair was all frizzed and my makeup was running. I gasped in horror as I looked in the mirror. I redid my make up and fixed my hair as much as I could. I grabbed the door handle and took a deep breath. I walked out of the bathroom. As I looked around I didn't see Jb anywhere. The guy at the counter asked me to come here. Disappointed I walked up to the counter. The gentleman gave me my food and attached to the bag was a letter. I sat down and opened the letter.
The letter read: Dear Jessica, I am sorry I had to leave. My manager was looking for me for our concert tonight. We have to rehearse before hand. Please when you get this letter come to the box office at 4pm and tell them our name. yours truly, Jb
The Concert:
As I stood in line at the ticket office. It finally reached my turn. The lady asked me how she could help me. I said my name is Jessica and Jb told me to come here. She looked me over and said something into her walkie talkie. I stood there puzzled. All of a sudden this big man was next to me the lady said I was to follow this gentleman. I smiled and headed in the direction he was walking. As I got inside I saw all got7 members getting ready for their concert. I smiled at Jackson and Bambam ran over to me. They were both asking me a lot of questions, but before I had a chance to answer I heard Jb. He told them to leave me alone as he grabbed my hand and pulled me into an empty room. Jb looked me in the eyes and said I didn't think you were going to come. I half smiled and said why wouldn't I. That night I watched his concert and we started dating. We have been dating for the last 11 months.
During the time Jb and I have been together hasn't been all innocent. Jb was so pure. with our age difference. life was beginning to be difficult. One night I finally had enough I went to talk to Jb.
The talk:
Jb we need to talk. Jb looks up at me and smiles. I tell him there something I need to say. Jb grabs my hand and tells me he has something he wants to tell me too. We sit hand in hand. I finally look up at him and as I open my mouth to say something. Jb Kisses me. His hot lips on mine. I start losing my mind. It's not like this was our first kiss but something felt different tonight. As we are kissing Jb slides his hand up my shirt. I pull back in shock. He has never went that far before. I look at Jb, He smiles and pushes me back against the couch. In shock I just look up at him. 11 months and never once has he made this kind of move before. Jb comes over and sits next to me. He touches my face with his hands gently. He then whispers in my ear. I want all of you tonight. I have waited long enough. I started to resist but Jb is on top of me kissing my lips, neck, and my ears. Right after we both finish he leans in and gives me one last hot kiss. My head is spinning from the excitement that when Jb strokes my face and asks me what I wanted to talk about I start to freak. See this was Jb and my first time. How was I supposed to tell him I cheated on him.
The After: So it's been a couple months since Jb's and my first time. We have been nonstop since that night. Today I am not feeling so well and I go to the doctor. The run some test and come back in and tells me I am pregnant. I left the doctor office. I sent Jb a texted asking him if he was free tonight I had to tell him something.
The Truth:
That night I met Jb at my apartment. As I let Jb in he started kissing me and I told him I needed to tell him something really important. As I sat Jb down I knelt down in front of him. I explained about tae yang and Lee Min Ho. Jb looks up at me as tears swelled in his eyes. That's ok because now we are together. have you done it since us being together. No I screamed. He smiled and looked at me. Do you love me Jessica? I do love you, Jb. there is more though. He looks down at me. I start to cry as I mutter out I am pregnant. Jb looks at me in shock. Is it mine? he asks. I look at him and said yes. I am 8 weeks along and we had our first time 9 weeks ago. I haven't been with anyone else. Jb nods, looks at me in horror. No one can know we are together, Jessica. I looked at him and nodded. I knew this would ruining his life and his life with got7. 7 months later I had my son. Jb checked on me the entire time and we hooked up as well. we became friends with benifets to keep people from judging Jb. so Jb can be in his sons life even if people thinks he is just caring for another mans baby. Our secret is our own.
Happy ever after!
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