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First off, this game was seriously so much fun!!! Thanks @DeniseiaGardner for this gameπŸ˜„πŸ‘πŸΎ I guess I'll get to the story now! One day, I finally decided to put k-pop down and go to the library to study for my anatomy test. When I was sitting at a table by myself, I heard faint humming. I tried to concentrate but all I could hear was someone humming..."Take You Down" by Chris Brown?! Who the heck is humming in the library?! I got up irritated and followed the humming over to the biography section. A tall, handsome maknae reading a biography book about famous dancers was standing there humming his heart out. I walked over to tell him to be quiet. "Hey, can you chi-" He looked up from the book, confused. Probably since I was staring with an open mouth until finally he snapped me back to reality. "Do you like Chris Brown too?" "Uhhhhh huhhhhh" "Let's listen to him sometime." He said as he smiled at me. He walked off, leaving me stuck in the biography section.
After a couple of weeks, I moped around after not seeing his face or knowing his name. I complained to my best friend Lay about never seeing this guy again. "Oh, Yugyeom? He's in my hip hop dance class." Why is he just now telling me? After going to the class, Yugyeom walked with me around the campus, a walk that ended with a kiss as the sun was setting! We ended up dating for 5 months and he gave me a ring! This must've been the real deal right?
Those lovely five months ended because of all the time I was spending with Lay. He's my best friend of course and he's handsome...and can dance...and can...kiss. Somewhere down the line, we got confused about our friendship and I ended up pregnant! πŸ™€ Since I waited for Yugyeom to get older, we never really got to THAT point πŸ˜… Needless to say, we broke up😭I held on to the ring, hoping one day that I might be able to redeem myself for hurting him. A few years after my baby and failed relationship with my best friend (who is still a great father, I might add), Gyeom and I reconnected but didn't want anything serious. Can't say I wasn't a bit curious on what I had missed out on years before lol. So, a friends with benefit relationship was initiated. Apparently, we went half on a baby because I got pregnant again! Two baby daddies...Woah, not necessarily the kind of track record I wanted but I digress! Turns out that they are actually nice to each other and we have babysitters for DAYSπŸ˜‚ I hope you enjoyed my story. It's my first one hahaha Thanks @AimeeH for tagging me. It's been fun!!πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ Can't wait to read your stories!πŸ‘‹πŸΎ
I really like how you made your own story that's was good and I'm glad that you have fun
oh this story was pretty good. I liked it :)
No problem dear! I enjoyed reading it