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Every time I show a picture of my bias, or any male Kpop star for that matter, to somebody, I get the same response. "He looks so … pretty" and the tone is condescending and judgmental 99.9% of the time. I don't get it. Sometimes when I ask what people mean they're like "you know what I mean" or "ya know just… pretty". Nobody bats an eye lash when a random guy on the street or an American celebrity dresses nicely and clearly spent time on their hair, but as soon as it's a Kpop star, good hygiene and style becomes like weird or taboo??? And I mean yes Kpop stars are generally really good looking or "pretty", I cannot disagree but I don't know why it's said like a bad thing, cause I mean it's pretty great. I don't understand why people need to point out things in Kpop stars that wouldn't otherwise matter to them. Sorry for the rant, sometimes it just really bothers me, is it just me who has experienced this?
Yep, they're all "girls" Whatever, more for me hahahahhaha
@ARMYStarlight @Thelovelyscout it's confusing af and upsetting that my friend won't actually go by talents but only looks
Hmm I think everyone one us have experienced's like why do you think my baby is a girl when he clearly looks like a guy??? It seems rude to me and how if an American dude (example heh) wears a bit of makeup somehow that makes him look cool but kpop men nah it makes them look feminized?? I totally understand you T-T
Or like if I'm listening to K-Pop or looking at their videos, someone comes by and says "Why are you watching that? you don't even know what they are saying" well to me it doesn't matter what they say, because when I was younger I would listen more to the sound and how the person sings, rather than what they are saying. besides there are lyrics for a reason. I once had someone point out a random asian in my class and they went "So you like him?" like bish I don't like all asians. Does anyone have this happen as well? ugh it is so annoying.
I have the same experience with my best friend who I got her into big bang but somehow she hates g - dragon because he's too short or not handsome in her eyes but yet she's upset that I have top as my ultimate bias but called the others that i named (to pronounce the korean names) normal looking or not really manly. which kinda upsets me but not that much
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