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So you know how KPop is known for crazy hair styles/colors. No? okay. well anyways I think I have a problem...
I usually don't post pictures of myself (since I don't like the way I look) But I will make an exception.
so my hair was originally long and brown then it went to red to blonde ombre (I don't have a picture of that one) but that's what started it all ... 1. solid purple hair 2. solid red hair 3. blonde,pink, orange hair 4and5. orange,blonde, and brown hair 6.blonde, pink hair 7. and now it is bright pink and purple I did all these within a year span (I did them myself)
I thought this was funny ^^^^
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Your hair is your canvas just like my face with make up! I have had every color in my hair as well so no judgement here
I want to dye my hair again, but it's difficult. I have so much hair I have to buy two bottles and I don't have money for that. I'm trying to get a Jimin sweater. I NEED a Jimin sweater
@Myaisnotsexy I got lucky this time I didn't have to buy it myself.
@Zxenna Here is a card with my picture I've never been shipped with anyone before so I figured it would be interesting to see who I would get (preferably BAP, BTS, or any group) you could make a card if you want.