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The whole time at this part of War Of Hormone I was focused on Suga but what I didn't notice until recently
V in the background ...
he really is a 4D alien @Rhia @B1A4BTS5ever @kpopandkimchi @CreeTheOtaku @ArmyofKookie also Kookie in the 2nd gif
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@ChaYoonAh It's because he has a crazy /out there personality and he acts like he is not from this world so his nickname is 4D Alien. Alien Taehyung.
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ahh thank yyou @destiny1419
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V is an alien just like me The two of us are so alike it's scarey. and we the same age!! I can tell he and I would be bffs but I would never want anything more cuz it would be like dating myself lolol #eternallyfriendzoned
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Oh, the things you notice when you re-watch MVs.
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@micahsaysnihao I'm the same with Yoongi. xD
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