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I know definitely late to the party but I finally started watching Tokyo Ghoul today! I mean I started it a few months ago but more so as just background noise. I sat down and really watched it today and binge watched through the entire first season and I'm almost halfway through the second season! (: So my question is... Should I read the manga as well? I'm leaning towards yes... Haha.
Definently read the manga. You may wanna start from the beginning though cause the anime leaves out a lot of stuff.
I'm thinking that same thing too. I watched both seasons, but I need more! I feel like I should read the manga.
I don't know, I just started. but one thing I love about the ending is how they brought back the original opening but the acoustic version, it just added to all the sadness lol
@samihudson Sooooo..... It wasn't heart wrenching like I thought it would be.... Well kind of.... Cuz Hide!!! 馃槶馃槶 But please tell me the manga is further ahead and will give me answers!!!!!
at least you've been warned, I watched it without knowing anything 馃槱
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