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Yes T.O.P you know what this is. ITS A BIRTHDAY CARD TO CELEBRATE YOUR BIRTHDAY, DUH!!!!!!! XD. I know it is really late in the game to try and wish you a happy birthday and i KNOW i havent made cards in a while (mainly because of school and family stuff) but its my man's *cough* i mean OUR man's special day, and i had to do something for this amazing guy♡♡♡
I think i have the right to start off with how FREAKING SEXY, CUTE, AND CHARISMATIC YOU ARE!!!!! There is a reason you are the visual of your group and it seems like everyday you just get more and more handsome xD
You are just the king of dorkiness and sillyness, thats basically one of the reasons you got your nickname Bingu T.O.P xD You love to showcase your personality especially with your band mates.
We always want to see how much you love and care about each of the members, because you always display your emotions with an open heart, but we all know you show a certain amount of love to a certain someone..........
I am a HUGE TODAE FAN but i understand that there may be some people viewing this card that ship others with T.O.P. Let me just say......TODAE IS REAL THEIR LOVE IS TRUE AND PURE AND IT WILL EXSIST FOREVER AND ALWAYS!!!!!!! done xD
Now to get back on track lol. T.O.P your acting exceeds a whole other level. When one defines a "jack of all trades" its easy to see how you fit that discription. Rapping, singing, acting, and much more - you are very skilled in various art forms and your abilities are still growing.
You have been nominated as the weirdest member of BIGBANG and you flaunt that characteristic with pride! You ard not ashamed to have fun and you're not embarrassed when you get a little crazy, because you love who you are, we love who you are, your members love who you are, and your family as well. I hope you had an awesome birthday and all of us love you and wish you much happiness in the future!!!! FIGHTING
@kpopandkimchi @B1A4BTS5ever thank you so much guys it took a ltime to make it xD I hope one day he does see it so he knows how much we love him xD
Awww I wish he could see this card hahahah so sweet!