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The beautiful beta games... Oh how I love them. Alpha games too!!! I find them so much more entertaining then regular games...
Don't understand all the weird terms above? Read my marvelous card that explains all of it! CLICK HERE FOR A CUPCAKE!!!
If you too like games, then this is the collection to follow! I review beta/alpha games, give away keycodes for closed beta tests, as well as tell you about the coolest open beta tests out there on the web!
Not understanding the weird terms still?!? I SAID READ MY LAST CARD DANG IT!!! CLICK HERE FOR AN ARMADILLO!!!
I need a name for this collection, and I am open to suggestions! So please do tell me what to name it in the comments! Think of it as a challenge!

Make Note

<R> means that the card is a beta / alpha game review! <A> means that the card is a testing alert! <O> means that the card is something else!
So ya! Follow and like this collection, and turn on notifications of you want to be the first to know about games yet to be released!