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Woot, woot! @Luci546 tagged me in a Fantasy challenge. I pretty much have to describe my fantasy. And as a creative, god I got all sorts of fantasies floating up in this brain like it's a Mario Kart party draped in glitter.
My fantasy is to live in a 3D cartoon. When I die, I imagine myself living in a colorful animated world. I want the oceans to be slick, clean, and blue -- with no flaws or wrinkles, almost solid, but still in a flow.
I want my toes to roll and feel every grain of sand. I want touch, sight, hearing, and taste enhanced -- like every time is my first time experience those senses. I want to live in an animation where everything looks too real.
@Luci546 wrote it wayyy better than I ever could. You should definitely check out her card for the challenge: RIGHT HERREEEE!!!!!!
@alywoah We will anticipate that day >:D
@alywoah Awww, noo, your card is just as awesome :D Gosh, to run through perfect beaches and see everything flawless and peaceful, that definetely sounds like the best fantasy ^.^ GREAT JOB! <3
thank u thank u!! one day i will live in a 3d animated beach!!! hopefully technology can make that happen lol. @luci546