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The incoming Prime Minister of Canada did something pretty historic. And it's not just getting the ladies excited, the whole country is pumped about this decision.
He appoint the first-ever Canadian Gender-Equal Cabinet.
During his campaign, this self-proclaimed feminist promised to appoint a 50% woman cabinet. And now that he's president... he kept that promise.

When asked why he made that decision, and why he thinks gender balance is important, Trudeau responded, “Because it’s 2015.”

In the U.S. only 25% of the cabinet is women... perhaps they can look to Canada as an example, and get more women in this big political group.

Canadian feminist that is also changing the way his government works? That's what I like to see.

Any Canadians out there? Feminists? What do you think of this decision?

I think so too @WiviDemol I think it will help us have a bigger voice in politics.
yeah i was a little wondering about that too, and I totally see your point @InPlainSight. but I think the disparity in that lies with the lack of female representation already...if that makes sense. I didn't grow up thinking I could be president because I didn't see anyone like me in office. So allowing these women (who are probably still VERY qualified for their jobs) to be in office will allow for more women to seek out these positions, and b
@nicolejb, being the obvious Canadian feminist that I am, I thought I would express my opinion here. I think it's great that they are striving for equality, my only concern is that a simple 50/50 split isn't necessarily equality. To me, employing the best candidates for the job, regardless of gender, race, religion, age, body shape and whatever other grounds there are for discrimination is equality. To take one factor and simply make a 50/50 split does not do this. An equally appointed cabinet could be 90% women or 40%.
he's cool! equality is important in a government
@nicolejb Let me put it this way....using this method, if you as a woman was the best candidate, but the existing balance means a man is required to keep it at 50/50 you're still being discriminated against because of your gender. Not saying there is a simple answer, I don't think loading positions on a 50/50 balance is the right answer