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Would You Rather: Supernatural or Reality?

If you suddenly found yourself in a real-life drama...

Would you want reality or the super natural?


Aliens, time travel, magic, you name it! It might be interesting at first, but also more dangerous. Your lover might have to return to his home planet, or change dimensions, or you're cursed!
Then again isn't magic rather...magical ;)

Some great supernatural dramas:

- My Love From Another Star
- Rooftop Prince
- Blood
- The Scholar Who Walks at Night
- Oh My Ghost


You're an average person in the real world, but spectacular things (cause love is pretty spectacular!) happen to you. Or perhaps you're solving a crime. Either way, you're thrown into some pretty crazy situation. But there are money issues, mean moms, and diseases. It's real life out there.

Some great "reality" dramas:

- Reply 1997
- You're Beautiful
- Coffee Prince
- I Remember You
- Sassy Go Go

Which life do you choose?!

As much as I love magic, I would choose reality since at least I know I can handle mean people, but not dark magic hahahaha
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Supernatural definitely.
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definitely supernatural !! reality can be so ... plain sometimes lol
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