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I'd love to be a pirate or a ninja, but being an alchemist, dragon slayer, death God or exorcist would be insane as well. Which ANIME/MANGA IS YOUR TOP AND WHICH LIFESTYLE WOULD YOU WANT TO BE BORN INTO? They're all an adventure but I love Luffy. Haha him and Natsu fit my personality best already. Where is my ship and NAKAMA or my dragon father and flames??
to be entirely honest, I'd like to be an dragon slaying exorcist, raised by ninja alchemists, given the powers of a Shinigami, with a crew of pirates
you know all of these involved magic of some sort. so if I had to choose best fighting style. would have to be the teachings of the five great fighters in kenichi strongest disciple
Their is only one way... that is the way of the ninja.😏
How bout a rubber dragon slayer 😂
Blue exorcist to me honestly Makes no sense but whatever I still want to have goku or vegeta fighting style
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