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In Mexico, the government introduced a tax on imports. I know this doesn't seem like a big deal, but for Coca-Cola it was HUGE. This meant that they would have a harder time selling their product to their favorite soda-sipping country.
Check this out:
In fact, Mexicans drink more soda than nearly anyone else in the world; their top three daily sources of calories in 2012 were all high-calorie drinks. Mexico also has by far the world’s highest death rate from chronic diseases caused by consumption of sugary drinks – nearly triple that of the runner-up, South Africa.

Yikes. And this isn't the only place it's happening. Check out this fabulous documentary trailer about the problem...

So how do we fix that?


Education is a huge piece of public health. The more we invest in educating our children about their health, parents about helping their childrens' health, and so on, the better and healthier we will be.
We don't have to regulate anything to be educated. We just have to have more programs, and get people talking.

Education isn't enough.

Fun Fact: "Virtually every government panel on fighting obesity includes Coca-Cola, and often other food companies." Stated an article in the Guardian.
When it comes to food and accessibility, if we can get coke and a cake at a lesser price than fruit...then we will. And that's a government issue. We should be promoting cheaper heathly
Also, sugar is addictive, and in poorer countries or regions where cheap food is also soda and Little Debbie cakes, what do you think we are going to pick?
Sounds a lot like giant tobacco companies if you ask me. And if we allow that to happen in our countries, it could mean an epidemic.

What do you think? Is education enough or do we need to start regulating this problem?

Regulation is not the answer. I am exhausted with governments busying themselves with social issues like this that don't concern them. They should be fixing problems like crime, war, easing taxes, etc. If people want to eat sugar, let them. this feels a lot like gun control. the whole guns kill mantra is redundant and not even true. Now sugar kills. Really?! (I know you didn't say that @nicolejb) but this is ridiculous.
regulate sugar. regulate guns. regulate healthcare. regulate society. regulate the world. its not a good idea to give so much power to one authority. so how about we just explain to people that they're killing themselves and that way, we can decide as humans what our life means to us. I agree that sugar is bad for you, I'm not gunna stop eating it. I agree tobacco is bad for you. I CHOSE not to smoke/chew/use it. it should be my choice.
let em eat cake.
the governments only goal should be to defend, not enforce, defend life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. fuck anyone who says the government should do anything but that.
@KingOfHearts awesome point! thank you so much for sharing. I will say that I wish we regulated our government more... like not let them have big corporate dudes (Coca-Cola) hanging out in Boards of Health. That's the one thing that urks me on this. Lol. I promise I agree with your thoughts too @MelissaMae :)
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