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It airs on every Wednesday & Thursday at 10 PM. Keep following me 20th of March ^.^ *Indonesian Live Recap : http://www.vingle.net/posts/118993 *Vietnamese Live Recap : http://www.vingle.net/posts/119514 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Let's start !. JJ shoot the gun to WS..(What's wrong to him..) WS takes several bullets...(I hope he will not die) ML and WS expect that he will die son because JJ shoot the gun in close distance. Civil servant team members blame themselves. They thought that it was because of their fault. GL's father persuades to go another country he thought that GL took a crime for him but her mother opposes this desperately...so GL's father tells the truth for her like he was a crimer and GL is a member of civil servant. Civil servants including YS, they visit WS's home to let them know the bad news that he tall into a critical condition becasue he was shot a gun. In the hospital, SM fights against DH who betrays his team. DH hands the food for her because the people who are wating for patients also have to take care themselves but SM feels desperate that he came here to comfort him. Therefore, DH shows his belly with the scar of big surgery, exactly damage to the muscles and internal organs. In the office, GJ who is the director of civil servant drops by YS's team to dissolve her team. GJ: Examine their belongings. After this examination you can go. Before SM's going out, she puts her drawing beside the wall. DH checks her picture that is painted him... (Wow..maybe he feels sorry, right? If i were him, i'm really willing to follow her) GL is trying to open SW's door lock. (Oh correct finally door is opened) GL gets out of his house. SW allows he can stay here but actually her meaning is that we have to be alive together, exactly not dead. GL understands that we live together (hehe cute and charming conversation) They talk about the position of their job actually GL is placed the bottom of the job but he pretends to get a job that he really want to go. Both of them don't say nothing about their job place only not that they're pleased to their new place. (But you know they have to keep secret everything related to job even their position of job) Next day, They both are in the calling center. KKK cute couple, they make no bones of telling a lie. After the work, GL and SW decide to catch the person who make WS like that. They visit the hospital to get a admission. WS and SW : Please forgive us.. hey wonseok we will catch the real crimer for you. They persuade their team workers to help us. But their co workers are reluctantly doing this becuase there is no equipment and also they cannot connect the security system. In SW's house, SW understands their co workers mind because this argument is in fact doing much the same thing. However, SW gives a present to him, the couple bags because they are deprived of their original bags. GL is worried of her budget so he said why did you buy this. In the view of SW, she feels disappointed. She is in a sulk. At that time SW got a call from her family who ask a favor that please put pressure to the chief of the villeage. SW gets angry. SW: Just think that i'm not your daughter. In the office, they get a call from the people with a joke. They just make the fun of them. GL turns off his cellphone when her mother's number pops up. SW answers a phone instead of GL. SW is trying to deliver GL to his parents before landing off the air plane. (Way to go SW !!) GL appears in front of his parents. Except his mother, father and his son growl each other. GL: You always treat me like that. Just runing off to the another country is for me? No No away. The thing that you believe previous is not me, the money! You never hugged me with a heart. GL's father takes off his clothes and shows him the scar when it was occured by the fire in the house by GL. GL's father : As a father, i always love you. when you were a child you are always afraid of this scar so I couldn't hug anymore..but..I never blame you even you made fire in the house. ( What a sad story..) Their team worker come together and decide to make a goal that catch the crimer. GJ and ML meet together because he is supposed to get a secret material from her but she delays this because WS is not dead yet. ML orders JJ to inject some drugs to him to kill. He shoot the police men who are protecting WS's hospital room.( That is unfair ! what is their fault ! ) At that time in the hospital room. WS wiggles his fingers ! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Finish hehehe! If you comment supporting me like thank you ^.^ , I will be really really pleased.
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