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@rodiziketan made an open fridge challenge. Welcome to my world, now you get to see my very sad fridge..

Drumroll PLEASE!

I am totally sorry my phone is a piece of cow dung, and the quality really really sucks. I promise that one day I will get a phone with really awesome photo-taking capabilites. So moving on, here's my fridge. Which is bare. And has like vegetables and 2 eggs in it. What you see here in this picture are peppers, garlic, broccoli, microwave food thing, eggs, the tupperware has cooked vegetables.
My freezer is closed -- sorry. But all I have in there is a bag of shrimp and ice. :-)
By the way, the black bag on the bottom is sugar lol.
I am a busy bee, so I hardly have any time to cook. I do cook on the weekends, which are mostly things like stews and soups.
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@Alywoah, there was a time, not long ago, that I had a similar fridge experience. SAD INDEED! :(
@rumpadump I WOULD LOVE THAT
@rodiziketan u right lol. but i should probably put more things in it lol
@marshalledgar very sad!!! i really do just need to stop and pay attention to what's in my fridge and what I am eating. ahhh
@alywoah but I'd you had a hostage chef he'd be doing all your cooking and shopping