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Seeing as though I had no idea who Dean was, when I first clicked on this I expected some hardcore beats and dope ass rapping because Zico was one the track. Boy am I am glad I was wrong about one thing. This song is real chill and the beat is so nice. But the best thing about it is definitely the vocals. Dean's voice is yakking magical I tell you. It single handedly slayed me the moment his mouth opened. I was so suprised. And the way Zico's verse fit so well with the mood and beat. I just loved everything. Sufficiently slayed guys. You should also check out Dean's "I Love It" ft. Dok2, it's really good too. I have tumblr and "You Know" to thank for this new discovery. If I hadn't been scrolling the Jay Park tag for gifsets I never would have found out that this mv dropped 5 minutes after it. [Honestly I was way more hype and excited about this but I've written this card about 836474 times and each time Vingle said it was uploaded but it didn't. So yeah, I'm kinda annoyed and bummed right now but this song and mv is too good to miss out on so please check is out.]
@KiKi29 tbh looking at it now, it seems like he borrowed it from SpongeBob.
I'm not feeling that "no shirt under my jacket" look but boy is his voice lovely. He's got a new fan! ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ
@KiKi29 I didn't even notice the socks and shoes! lol
Song is good. I won't deny that. But the socks and those shoes 😒. Now he knows he's too cute to be wearing that. I'll definitely be checking him out though.
loved it, and of course my boy Zico killed it. 👍
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