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I love Aziz Ansari, and I know that there are plenty of 'Parks & Recreation' and stand-up fans around here to back me up. He's a pretty hilarious guy!

So for today's 5 Funny Facts, I've decided to indulge with five facts about Aziz that you probably didn't know!

It's true: Aziz and Kanye West are actually really good friends.

Kanye is a constant topic in Aziz's stand-up, and even his 'Parks' character Tom Haverford was a fan. It's no coincidence - Kanye and Aziz have been close friends for many years!

Aziz majored in Marketing at NYU, but hates the words 'product' and 'branding'.

Far before Aziz was on the stand-up circuit, he was studying marketing at NYU, where he eventually earned his BA - though, personally, he finds marketing speak 'kind of douchey'.

Aziz and his friends, Eric Wareheim (of 'Tim & Eric' fame) and Jason Woliner, have their very own Food Club.

Aziz is a serious foodie, and along with his Food Club, he eats at different restaurants throughout Los Angeles. These restaurants receive a plaque of their faces stating: "The Food Club has dined here and deemed it plaque-worthy."

Malia Obama is among Aziz's most famous fans.

During one fundraiser, President Obama shouted out Aziz's attendance, citing that his older daughter, Malia, is a pretty huge fan. (Who ISN'T, Mr. President?)

Aziz's favorite cocktail is called the Gold Rush.

Every swanky guy's got his own go-to cocktail, and Aziz's is the Gold Rush, which is made with bourbon, fresh lemon, and honey. (Is it obvious he was raised in South Carolina yet, guys?)

Are you a big Aziz Ansari fan? What TV show, movie, or funny person should I do next?

Let me know in le comments below.
Aziz is like my favorite comedian
@danidee TREAT YO SELF!!!! :)
@danidee I loved him in parks and rec!
@DasiaB I think I've heard his name before, but I've never seen his stuff! Lemme go czech it out.
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