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Wouldn't you love to wake up in a lavish mansion, light pouring on your face, a crisp breeze flowing through your grand curtains, fresh breakfast in bed. too.
A new vacation home service called is currently renting out celebrity pads for your next vacation. A pretty novel idea, considering that in order for you to purchase your own mansion, you'd have to have a hefty disposable income and the status to attract the right realtor.
I don't have either of those things, so I guess I don't qualify. But! If you'd like to vacation in a mansion, or just hangout for a few hours, it's now possible. The listings on the site range from big beautiful homes to small cottages. Some of them are the actual former homes of popular writers, actors, musicians and more.
One of the most expensive destinations is the Jersey Shore House. Believe it or not, a night in the MTV-famous pad will cost you over 2 grand. Come on.
You too can experience the decadent debauchery of the people who made Snooki famous. You're welcome.
On a completely different note, you could stay in legendary writer John Steinbeck's (hello, Grapes of Wrath) cottage in Pacific Grove, California. It would be perfect for anybody trying to write the next, great American novel. For only 180 dollars per night, you can sit in the very place the writer spent most of his time.

Hell, I may go there for a while, clear my head. Looks beautiful doesn't it?

So, you could pay 3k to hangout near Snooki's puke stains, or you could pay 180 to sit in the beautiful cottage of one of America's greatest writers.
There's two types of people in this world I guess.
Anyway, you can check out and bask in the glory of a lot of places you'll never see.
@nicolejb Like thing 1?
Steinbeck?! Heck yeah. Jersey Shore? Not in this lifetime...
Who the f is Snooki?
yep, a little bit more tan though @InPlainsight
Hahahahaha my sentiments exactly @ButterflyBlu! I was like no way...until I saw Steinbeck's place. yes please :) And @InPlainSight a snooki is almost like a Dr. Seuss character.
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