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Ahh, it's a new day. And new days mean a lot of things... Wait, have I said this before? Oh man, geez. I've got to think of new lines. Anyway, Much like yesterday, there are a couple of slides down here all with the iconic Fallout "Please Stand By" photo in front of it.
But this time it's a little different. RPG Gaming put together a little browser based program based on the recent Fallout 4 leaks that allow you to build you character. Which means you can experience a giant part of the game and even plan the way you will play once the game comes out.
Each block has a screenshot of my build (which is not serious by the way, I didn't look too much through the menus because I am deathly afraid of spoilers) and what you can expect/how to use it. You can just look at the screenshots if you want or you can look at the site (which will be linked in the text of every word, in the block. The dark side of spoilertown is calling you, come on. We're all waiting.)
So, did you click or swipe? Man, you dog, you. I can't believe you did it. Now look, there's a creepy Deathclaw coming to eat you. Spoilertown was not safe and you traveled in there anyway, you silly vault dweller.
Oh wait, you didn't click or swipe? Well, there's a Deathclaw out here anyway. Did you forget this is the wasteland, man? Come on, get it together. It's dangerous to go alone, don't you have some kind of laser pistol or plasma cannon, or the Shishkebab?
@RainaC3 and @AlexNotExactly, I'm curious to see how you guys did. You build your character? Peruse the perks? Enter Spoilertown without care, completely giving the Deathclaw infested town the finger?
@RainaC3 Hahaha, that's the best way to do it. I'm honestly so excited for the game it's hard for me to focus on anything else.
Haha I just play how ever I do, haha I do all things differently everytime I make a new game on there.