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It's that time of the week again (kinda its technically Thursday but oh well) Waifu Wednesday and for this week I decided to do the lovely and badass Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail. Honestly I'm not a big fan of Fairy Tail but who doesn't love the cake eating badass that is Erza Scarlet, welp here goes nothing.


•She's very reliable
•Beautiful •A straight up badass •Can be girly •Has big weapons and big somethings else wink wink nudge nudge. (im sorry)


•Scary as hell and can kick your ass
•Lightweight and angry drunk
•Socially awkward

Final Verdict

Honestly if I had to pick any girl from Fairy Tail I'd have to go with Erza, I find her badassness quite attractive along with how she also willing to be girly. But she can also be really scary so if you're ok with being a footstool having to hide sweets all the time then Erza if definitely a great waifu. So the rating I'm going to give Erza is a B+ minus the whole scary and being able and willing to kick my ass she would be a perfect A+!


So for this month I'm going to devote it to the Fairy Tail girls cuz why not. So you guys can comment which Fairy Tail waifu Imma do next will it be Juvia the Stalker, Lucy the Blonde (new to series I only know so much plus I don't like Lucy), the Adorable Levy, Mirajane the Sexy Demon, or Cana the Drunk! I'll leave that up to you guys, See ya next week!
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Erza Deserves An A+ If She Was My GF How Could I Get On Her Bad Side? So I Don't Have To Worry About Her Kicking My Ass & She Can Kick Ass For Me Lol She Is A Beauty & I Love Her Social Awkwardness & Her Soft Side, She Is Really A Sweet Heart On The Inside & You'll See That As You Progress In The Series You Don't Have Enough Information To Judge Her Correctly Because She Will Always Deserve An A++ In My Book & @VinMcCarthy She Mine & We Can't Share You Can Have Lucy Or Cana Lol
& Mirajane Would Be My 2nd Choice Just FYI
Just don't eat her cake and she should be good. ☺️
100% agree erza can be my waifu!
JUVIA please!!!!