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Hello Vinglers!

Another Day, Another Song! Let's Go~

Change the World by V6 (Inuyasha)

Oh~ the childhood memories~ One of the most memorable (even the first) great anime for many of us, every time this song came on, I couldn't resist to jump and start singing along (I got even more excited thinking "Sesshomaru-sama is coming!". Also, I think this song is too cheerful and happy which doesn't match the mood of some of the dark episodes in the series lol only sometimes! It's a song no one can ignore and will be in their memories forever!
Also, did you know that V6 was a boy-band from the 90's? xD I honestly have never watched the original music video but here you go! Be amazed with me (or confused like me as well). Maybe it's the generation we live in, but they look so bad lol They even have a dance for this song! Still, the song is still great and if I had watched this when I was young, I would've been like "Kakoii~" *dances with them*

What was your reaction when this song came on? Were you like me or were you even crazier?

Close your eyes and listen!~

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Inuyashaa ahh!! Man There are sooo many good songs from inuyasha, this one was cute and sounds so old school. My favorite was come my way by namie amuro. Actually it was the only song that would calm my son down in the car when he was a baby. As soon as it started he would stop crying. It was unreal yet super awesome in more ways than one.
Best anime and amazing songs throughout this whole show! My favorite song from this show though is Fukai Mori! πŸ’–πŸ˜„
Any time someone mentions something about changing the world, I burst out in song, singing this. Same goes for Come.
@littlemaryk I love that song also! One of my favorites.
I'd pay to see you do that dance, B. ^.^ lol <3 Man, this song and that very first opening and ending from Naruto pretty much define nostalgia for me! :D (Rocks by Hound Dog and Wind by Akeboshi.) :D
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