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Lmao VAV was hilarious from start to finish on today's episode of IDOLxIDOL. Even though there was no eng subs. Fans from all over the world still had lots of fun and laughter shared to them from new boy group VAV. Just a personal thought here but when they introduced themselves in the beginning I clearly heard them say BAP even though I knew they were saying VAV. But any who! They showed off their lovely Xiao (don't know if he's the maknae or not but I'm pretty sure he's the only Chinese member), their various languages skills (i.e. Chinese, Japanese, Malaysian, Korean, English and more) and the main point of their dance to their debut song Under The Moonlight and other things. In one of their segments, they had to show a sexy, cute or something else (I can't understand Korean) side of themselves. In the end Baron (brown hair but there's like 3 of them that has brown hair lol) said he wanted to do something that one of the BEAST sunbae-nim did and guess what he did? He was doing Gikwang's American dance! Woot woot, as you guys can see they're fans of BEAST! Also, Ace (red hair, mc of the show) was telling one of the guys (either Xiao or Gu - something (one of the brunettes), sorry guys don't know their names yet!) to do a guerrilla face! And guess who he looked like?! That's right the one and only other guerrilla making face Kpop idol out there (except for Apink's Bomi) BTOB's Seo Eunkwang! lololol should've screenshoted it it was hilarious! Ohhhh and here's where the picture from above comes into play. The members of VAV were comparing themselves to their poster board and were deciding which one looked better or more alike (don't know for sure). In the end Jacob (the face or visual of the group, the last brunette) won because his poster showed him with his abs! Lol fans were going crazy over them! Well, I was. And he showed them! I just had to take a screenshot! I was going to go into fullscreen mode then screenshot it but my phone turned off on me. But hey! You can clearly see his 8 pack abs, I repeat an 8 PACK AB. The only other person I've seen with an 8 pack is Bangtan Boys' Hopie (J-hope) lol (usually Kpop idols have a range of 4-6 pack). And can we just talk about their outfit?! It was stunning and on point! They were all matching! And I was so glad that their sweatshirt had their names on them. And their logo is pretty cool! Two hands held up to show VAV. Getting off topic there but anyways they were all wearing their specially designed sweatshirts with their names and logo. All had ripped jeans on (different shade of blue) and all had combat boots on lol. If I didn't know Kpop or people in general better I would've thought they were all the same person just cloned and had different hair colors. But all in all it was a great way to start me to my sleep lol. When this aired it was already 11:30 pm over where I am (Hawaii) and now it's almost 12:30 am. lol

Hoped you had fun on today's show of IDOLxIDOL, with rookie group VAV, if you watched it, if not hope you enjoyed my post!

@panouvang123 I was finally able to watch it. They are so funny !
I was so sad I missed it. It came on at 2:00 am in Tennessee :/ But thank you for sharing :)
@destiny1419 no problem! It's okay, I had to stay up to watch them, almost missed it but my updates on oncoming shows saved me. I'm glad that you found this post helpful.