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So the videos out! And I'm not sure how to take this!!!! Akdkrixndldk! The whole album is in iTunes! Go get it!! Hyuna looks sexy! Omg!
@StephersTaylor oh they have it subtitled of you click the CC button
@StephersTaylor omg me too. The butcher thing freaked me out honestly and the thanks. I kind of hate the over sexual vibe idk that's why I left American music honestly.
@RochelleDiamond I don't know how to take the MV at all. I was really confused with the whole butcher deal but I guess he was aiming for the whole mafia style in that scene or something I'm not really sure
I really like the song but the video is kind of much...then again it is Jay Park and he has a VERY American hip-hop vibe. I guess it's alright....
@RochelleDiamond yeah that's why I left it too. Idk I'm gonna have to read the lyrics and see if I can figure this out.