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i love it because it tells stories that can be amazing!! not only that the soundtracks are sweet as well!!
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I love anime because I used to be suicidal and i have depression and its a constant battle with myself but somehow within the anime I find way more than just a few characters and a theme I find happiness within happy characters that I wish that I could be and I can be its not just that anime is just "good" and "cool" to me its inspiring and amazing I look at how much work they put in to make something to make people happy and to summarize my relationship with anime lets just say it literally saved my life
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I love anime because no matter how crazy anime gets, it's always more reasonable and makes more sense than reality.
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it's the way I deal with stress. when I'm really stressed out I binge watch a lot of uplifting or even sad anime. If it's more emotional it often times helps me let out emotions I've been burying
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you can understand even villians it bring clarity to a world that doesn't even exist. anime is life
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I love anime because it's an escape from the world. anime tells epic stories that some can relate to. it's a world filled with magic and imagination and sometimes anime can be inspiring
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