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Ohhhhhhh Mmmyyyyy GOD!!!!!! T.O.P x GD
Please tell me whats running through your minds , cuz mine is messed up xD
omg I don't know how to feel about this I'm like 😍😍😍 but then I'm like back off my bias T.o.p. I will cut you ( anjelah johnson voices in Saturday night live l) 😲🔪🔪
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this isnt real.....this isnt real 🙀🙀🙀🙀 @carolinacastane
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Shit dam "GD: I love you so much. TOP: I love you too now let me tear that's ass was up." I'm SO sorry I just have
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um. um. ummmmmm. *boooom* mind blown.
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im in complete denial this isnt real @carolinacastane
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