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suddenly im obsessed with wtf. one second i was all preoccupied with BTS and then BOOM im watching the dance practice video when Mark kept flashing his titties(in the pink tank top, i know y'all know which one )
and the same with these bastards..i don't know when it happened but somehow i know all their names and birthdays and wtf!? i even found out about the other trainees...;^; i would've been a noona...*bangs head against wall* what is my life!?
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got7 is my life 馃槫馃槏
omg yes in the beginning i love exo which i still do but now im obsessed with got7 ^u^ and im starting to know seventeen but will take me a while
馃槀馃槀 got7 does that to you they are all perfect
@CCHI0692 that's EXACTLY what happened with me
yup that's what got7 does