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There are spoilers ahead so if you're not caught up or haven't started don't scroll!!!!
I just wanted to open a conversation on this episode because it left me distraught!! The whole series has been amazing and I am loving the way the producers are handling all the conflicts!!! This was Soo Ah's episode no doubt. I refused to believe that I'd ever feel a bit of sympathy after everything she'd done. She was the worst villain I had ever met in a KDrama. I seriously couldn't think of a single other character more evil or that I hated more than Soo Ah. Every episode I kept waiting and hoping she'd have some sort of remorse and try to ammend her terrible actions, but she never did! Instead she dug herself in deeper and deeper. I don't even think it fully hit how low she'd become after she pushed Yeon Doo down the stairs. I think what really woke her up was when her mom tried to cover it up. I feel like she was almost hoping for a backlash and some sort of horrible punishment from her mom to ease her guilt. When all she received was support, she (hopefully) realized that's not who she wanted to be as a person.
The show made it clear that she was unhappy and had revealed suicidal tendencies from the beginning. They showed us the same scenes this episode but through Soo Ah's perspective and it was so crushing to see her thought process the entire time. She knew she was digging her own grave but couldn't stop because she was so pressured and lonely!! In the end she felt like suicide was the only way so we felt the weight of her problems and I felt so sad for her!! I spent 9 whole episodes hating her guts but I just LOVE the way this episode made me change my mind. All this girl needs is people who have her back and are willing to stick with her no matter what. I'm so excited to see how they're going to wrap things up with just 2 episodes left!!
Here's a side rant though. WTF are they really doing with Yeon Doo's and Kim Yeol's mom and dad??!! I haven't been able to fully appreciate and connect with their kids' blossoming relationship because their marriage has been such a big dilemma!!! YD and KY can't be together as step brother and sister (I mean it's totally cool with me it's not like they're blood related haha) so I'm really confused as to where this is headed!!! I love Ha Joon as much as the next guy but I've been on the YD&KY boat since episode 1 so I really don't want to see him as an escape goat to the show. Like if they can't be together they'll just hand Yeon Doo off to Ha Joon. I don't think that's where it's headed though after this episode with that beautiful swoony kiss!!! I really like the way they handled that too. They set it up for Ha Joon to walk in on them mid kiss so he'd stop his feelings from growing any deeper. Idk but I hope they find a solution to make everyone happy. I don't want them to sacrifice the parents' love for the sake of their kids. It's not being selfish I just love the parents too!! They make a cute couple and if they break up I don't think I'll be able to forgive you Sassy Go Go!!
Anyway sorry this is so long!!! Someone please share your ideas about how you think this is all going to end. My brain hurts just thinking about more heartache!!!