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So this NOONA NOVEMBER idea seemed like a great opportunity for me to show you guys the beauty that is ASTRO. If you haven't yet watched To Be Continued, you probably don't know who they are. BUT YOU SHOULD. ASTRO is a group of 6 talented boys that is set to debut sometime in 2016 (I do not know an exact date, actually, or if there even is one.) And four of the six members are a couple or more years younger than me but they are ALL incredibly hard working, powerful, artistic, and quite handsome.

YOON SANHA is a 00 liner.

15 years old. That's right. 15. But his voice is far beyond any comprehension of beautiful. He is one of my favorite voices in Kpop right now and I hope that you take the time to watch the following videos of him singing.
Talk about golden maknae; I firmly believe that this boy is going to pull a Jungkook (BTS) and go from silly and loveable and cute to downright unfair and handsome. He has so much room to grow and I hope that if you aren't already following him and ASTRO in general, that you will after this card.

ROCKY / MINHYUK is a 99 liner.

You never would have guessed he was so young if you have watched him dance. He is one of the best dancers around right now in my opinion, especially one so young. Forget about that awkward stage we all go through - he went straight to handsome. Check out a video that Rocky, Sanha, and MoonBin all did together to the tune of 'Uptown Funk.' It was all choreographed and filmed by ASTRO themselves. There's also a video of a Rocky focus cam dancing to 'War of Hormones' by BTS too. Because, well, just watch.
Rocky, I expect great things from you and I don't believe you'll let me down. ASTRO FIGHTING!

MOON BIN is a 98 liner.

But he's way more than his age. He is such a talented dancer as well as Rocky, and you can see that clear as day from the video above. Along with being a great dancer, he also has a very nice voice. They all do! And you can check out more of his voice if you watch their mini-drama, To Be Continued.
I am so very excited to see him dance and sing more. I cannot even begin to explain how excited I am for their debut.

EUNWOO is a 97 liner.

He's super handsome, too. One of the cutest visuals of this year I've seen. He has a dreamy voice and can play some serious tunes on the piano. Here's a cut of him from their mini-drama that will give you a look into what this boy is all about. This clip also features the other members singing too, so, I'm basically giving you a free for all.


Damn. Damn, damn, damn. These boys know how to grab your attention.
And there you have my first addition to NOONA NOVEMBER. I hope that you give ASTRO the time they deserve. They are incredibly talented and kind and loving and they already treat their fans so well!

Keep your eyes and ears open for ASTRO!

The Maknae is older than me...
@MorganElisabeth oh no.... oh holy no i cant lose the soul i already sold OH GAD..... *dies internally as i realize i am their age group and i will now lose my life to them as well*
@Isolate Sanha! The ginger lil cutie.
Looks like another boy group has come to take my heart away
i def need to. check them out
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