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Whether you are an anime vet or a newbie if you have seen these three shows I highly reccomend you add them to your priority list. Soul Eater - This anime is one of my all time favorites for many reasons. Soul Eater has a perfect blend of action, comedy, and even mild romance. This story follows some students who want to become weapons and miesters. but for a miester and weapon to work together their soul wave - lengths must be compatible. This show is a little lengthy but nothing compared to naruto or one piece.
HunterxHunter - This anime follow Gon a young boy who wants to become a hunter so that he can find his father who left him with a relative while he went of adventuring. Gon quickly makes friends to help him on journey and plenty of teachers to help him become stronger. This is a long anime being around 140 episodes but it has an amazing heartwarming feel to it. It has a decent blend of awesome action and comedy to make a brilliant show.
Charlotte - Charlotte is a recent anime where random teens all over the world gain special, but incomplete, powers. Although they loose these powers in adulthood, which could be dangerous. The main character has the ability to posses people, but only for 5 seconds. He used this ability for selfish gain and other people caught wind of his rouse and recruited him to join their student council at a unique school for students with abilities. by the time they graduate their abilities should be gone. This is a short anime with powerful comedy and feels. I highly reccomend watching this!! If you enjoyed this post or now want to watch at least one of these animes please drop me a like!!! Thank your for viewing I hope you enjoyed! (@hikaymm)
@jbowie103 well the time was worth it! it came out great 馃槉
@hannah769 thank you! it took me a little bit to narrow down the best but no matter what these 3 will always be epic
you are on point my friend! 馃榾
@VinMcCarthy @MikeCopersito I would love to know your opinions after you watch both of them.
a lot of people have been talking about Charlotte and hunter x. been added to the list to watch
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