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Don't let this lovely weather fool you.

It might be lovely outside now, but don't forget that technically this is the fall -- which means the winter isn't too far behind. With cold weather comes dry skin and with dry skin comes dry lips, something we should all try to steer clear of. There's nothing like having an amazing race full of flawless makeup with a set of chapped lips to match. The good thing is that chapped lips are preventable and you don't have to suffer or make others have to suffer. If you find yourself suffering from dry, cracked lips once the seasons change, keep scrolling for a few products that will give soft lips throughout the winter.

The Exfoliant

Ladies, exfoliating is just as important as showering. If you want soft lips, especially in the winter time make sure you exfoliate your lips to rid them of any dry, flaky skin. You can either save your coins and make your own lip exfoliant or you can purchase one. I would recommend the e.l.f. cosmetics lip exfoliator [seen above].

Keep Your Lips Hydrated

As much as you enjoy applying ChapStick, sometimes that's just not enough. Make sure you're drinking enough water, it helps more than you think.

Add Some Oil

Oils are the new lip balm. The great thing about lip oils is that it penetrates through the skin working from the inside out, which leaves you with moisturized, soft lips. You can use our holy grail, coconut oil or you can purchase a lip treatment oil similar to the one [seen above].

Bedtime Routines

Just like you wash your face and brush your teeth before bed, make it a habit to apply a lip mask before you go to bed and watch how amazing your lips feel in the morning.

Ladies, what do you do to ensure that you have soft lips year round?