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Have You Shared Your Anime Recommendations Yet?
You might have already heard, but I'm super happy to be able help organize a giveaway of a really sweet Saber figure this week! All you have to do is write a card where you recommend 3 anime that you think everyone should watch. For full details, make sure to read the rules here ^^

So, what are you waiting for? Get to it!!!

Many people have already given their recommendations!

You'll pretty much never have to look for anime again if you take their suggestions, because OH BOY are there a lot of them!

If you want to check out all the other entries,

Visit my collection where I'm clipping the challenge cards! Remember, your like is a vote, so go vote for everyone so they have a better chance of winning ^-^ Collection can be found here :)

Tagging those who have already entered.

Everybody else....get to it!!!

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@IsaacWhitecrow @LivyTracy @SakuyaOujou Thanks for the recs!!! please check out the card I will link in second so you make sure you're eligible!! the card with the most likes wins ^^
2 years ago·Reply
i recommend one piece, fairy tail, bleach, ouran high school host club, fruits basket, black butler and inuyasha n much more
2 years ago·Reply
not sure how to make a card or link the card to the collection
2 years ago·Reply
@AnimeFord hey!!! here's someone's tutorial on how to make a card http://www.vingle.net/posts/1007793?shsrc=v then just write @hikaymm in the cards or comments to tag me!! and then I will add it to the contest collection ^^ hope that helps
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