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is it just me but i love it when su Yeon says "Harry Borison" she says it really cutely~!
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^^^@lavendine i personally fine it said how so many people in korea do plastic surgery, i think its a pretty bad idea to have of getting plastic surgery when you are getting brought up! Everyone should be satisfied with themselves! No ones perfect! :D
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@yukias It is ok if they just straightened their teeth, have double eyelid. As they grow older maybe they think by having surgery makes them forever young. Like LIU DE HUA of HK. So old already still wants to look young.
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harryy.why you're so cute?
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@lavendine i know! thats fine,~ but it's scary how people can just change their whole face! getting old is a proccess of life everyone go through! people should just accept that!~
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