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Problem Children are Coming From Another World,

Aren't They?


No Game No Life!

I love all the characters from both anime and the worlds they both live in are sooo diverse and vibrant! Different magical races and phychic powers and humans. Honestly they are quite similar anime in a lot of ways. I personally am extremely curious as to how each and every one the characters would interact with one another considering how alike their personalities are as well as their "powers/strenghts" in the mix and just how things would play out between them all everything considering.
I am most interested in how Izayoi and Sora will interact with one another mwahaha Although each character has a counterpart as well so it awesome is like parallel dimensions or an alternate universe from the other might be more accurate. Pretty sweet.
This Twisted Thursday Challange was brought to us by @rosepark and here is the link to the original card coresponding that states the rules etc. ^.^ Sooo JUST DO IT ;p
@stevesmallz @electica @Danse I chose you! and all of the anime community fam to partake in the challange! ^.^
yes exactly, do it for the fun of it! I am the saaame way with the pondering though. I like mind puzzles so to speak haha but yea no problem, just being honest ^.^ @Danse
Hmmm, I'll think on it some more then. I don't suppose there is any reason why I can't eventually get around to it; just for the fun of it. I kind of like when things make me think harder than I need too, even if it slightly pulls on my stress line. Hahaha. >_> We'll see if I can manage. And thank you, I'm really glad people enjoy my cards. I try to make them interesting. :D
I feel you. The only reason I thought of this one is because I just finished it at the time and though problem children was similar. Then I saw a cowboy bebop and trigun crossover card and was like duuuude why didn't I think of that! haha but hey even though it is late if you have something in mind I say go for it. Plus the way you write card is super intriguing and descriptive so I'd be interested in seeing what you come up with @Danse
Ugh, I never did do this one. T__T I just don't have a clue who to cross. I had some idea's, but ....blehh.. *pace-palm*
I watched problem children first a while back and then later saw nongame no life and thought, wait didn't in already see this. 😕 but there both great I love them!!!
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