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Kim Hyun Joong and his ex-girlfriend Ms. Choi, the fourth pre-trial hearing in the 1.6 billion won (approximately $14 million) lawsuit against the singer was held on October 30.
The hearing was held before the Seoul Central District Court. Before the proceedings began, Ms. Choi reportedly asked Kim Hyun Joong’s lawyer if he’d seen the baby yet. “You’ve not yet seen the baby, but I have a photo. The baby looks just like Kim Hyun Joong. Shall I send you the photo?” Kim Hyun Joong’s father reportedly declined the offer, saying that they’ll confirm the paternity first through a DNA test and then talk about seeing the child.
However, Kim Hyun Joong’s lawyers did confirm that the photo Ms. Choi offered was real, and revealed the child’s gender as male. However, Ms. Choi did not reveal the baby’s blood type, claiming that she didn’t know what blood type he has.
they could simply take a DNA test and everything would be clear, but instead she's avoiding the DNA test and offering some photos (which can be photoshopped), some text messages (which can be made up) and some other useless crap. she doesnt even tell the babies' blood type, because she doesnt know which blood type is kim hyun joong's ... this smells more fishy than fish.
ever since I knew of the scandal, I started to dislike him. I believe what the ex says, but everything will be settled once the paternity test is done
@rmayra1 @SusiBosshammer Kim Hyun-Joong has already went and done a DNA test at the most reputable and respected facility in SK, even going as far as to pay in advance for the child's test... Ms. Choi's side however continues to make.excuses and refuse to take the test... She demanded that they all three go and take it together... There is no need for her to take a test not for her to be anywhere near him when the child takes the test... She is just a jealous clingy ex who is bringing him down.and dragging his name through the dirt... She has gone so far as to also bring his parents into this and that is really low... KHJ is doing his Military service and cant be doing stuff and running around appeasing the very suspicious and sneaky Ms. Choi's side... KHJ said from the beginning if he is the father he will take responsibility but her side continues to make excuses and put stuff off... I honestly have never believed her story from the beginning, since none of her stories have added up or there have been some major inconsistencies... Also I just cant see KHJ being that type of guy... I await the results of the DNA test because I have a hunch they will come back negative... And if they do I have a pretty good idea who the real dather is... Been following this scandal religiously and I am ever more a fan of KHJ because of the crap he is being put through and he still acts respectfully towards her while she just continues to be disrespectful back... I also follow a blog who gets their information from more reputable sources than just the media who likes to skewer reality...
Seon showing baby pic in his mobile to Atty Lee happened before they entered court for hearing today. Atty Lee: 5th hearing was set for the matter related to our counterclaim, but not to the original claim. -Daily Sports In Daily Sports article, there was a word that people couldn’t understand in Atty Lee’s comment. A DCKHJGALL post pointed it out as a typo and clarified the meaning. So during the 4th hearing, court ordered Choi’s side to have paternity test done and hence 5th hearing was set. So what Atty Lee said was: 5th hearing was set for the matter related to our counterclaim, but not to the original claim. Court ordered paternity test to be done in regard to our counterclaim, and decided to have the 5th hearing to see the result.
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