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Man I love love love Final fantasy games. but i have a veriaty of games i love so i guess im addicted to all games just about from the N64 all the way to PS2 were most the best games dies off at BUT there is also so many I haven't tryed or Hurd of so hearing all the moments is helpful to everyone. so....what's your game? ;)
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sonic the hedgehog 2, Sega Genesis crash bandicot, ps1 driver 3, ps2 oblivion, pc
monster hunter 3 u...600 hours and still counting
I've never been addicted to a game. but the one game I could never get enough of is the last of us. I'm so excited for the movie. when it comes out I'm going to show my parents and they will cry and laugh and piss themselves the way I did. I love the last of us.
Gta 3 ps2 , Super smash bros N64 , Currently I don't really have any .. I over played gta v and black ops 2 so I troll a lot and get some laughs :p
Sword art online lost swords