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Major pet peeve haha I mean, I went through my text stage back in 8th grade and freshman year of high school. Back with my Razr. My Sidekick Slide, my Motorola Cliq. Ur, u. Sm. Sup. Idgaff. Smd. Idk. Idek. Bb. Idc. Those are all I can think of haha But now, that bothers me so much. Sure, I'll admit I still use lol, Lmao, lmfao, rotfbatbbagatpmplmfao, but that's about it. Oh wait, when I play League, and I completely annihilate or outplay the enemy(ies), I'll type, "Rekt nerdz" in all chat. So I like making squeakers rage so they get reported by sensitive people. Sue me!
Also: Your, you're To, too, two Premier, premiere They're, their, there Compliment, complement Board, bored Effect, affect Council, counsel Gah haha I don't consider myself a "grammar Nazi", I don't even consider myself smart, but sheesh! This isn't that difficult, at all! I'll let my boy, Mac Lethal explain it for me. *watch video* Is it shallow of me to consider this a deal breaker/huge turn off? Because it DOES change how and how often I interact with people haha
@MarySEW haha Yeah, he's pretty funny and imaginative lol this is the first speed rap that he did, and it put him on the radar, and he took off after it ^.^
that dude is amazing!!!!!
The only real person I actually let text me like that without complaining is my mom... K, u, r u, ur, y, etc......
@Arellano1052 honestly, it's lazy as hell and if you think about it, how much more time does it take to type "you" instead of "yu". Seriously? It takes me longer to misspell something instead of spelling it correctly. >.< As for my husband, he was fine unless it was a harder word. He couldn't get the "I before E" thing down to save his life. Stuff like that. >.< I would randomly tell him I was going to divorce him if he didn't learn to spell. ;P ahh. Memories!! I wouldn't shun someone for typos. Lol. I should say that. It happens and no one is perfect, right?! If there was really great chemistry, I might overlook it... I guess it depends!! ;)
Really? Haha That is pretty funny! Maybe not talking to people who can't spell is a good rule to follow... I mean, 20+ year olds don't really have an excuse. What if it was something as small as, "yu" instead of,"you"? Would you still shun them? Haha the worst line of reasoning ever is, "You got what I was trying to say, though, right?" Ugh. =_= Haha
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