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I went to New York City yesterday, which is why I skipped a post. So, in honor of that, I decided to post pictures of BAP from coffee shop because they filmed some of it there. I'm not sure if all of these pictures were taken in New York, but i tried haha. Who do you guys think looks the best in this music video? I know i have a hard time deciding, they all look so good XD
@destiny1419 haha yea I mean I does look super good. I'd probably either pick Zelo or Daehyun if I'm not being bias. Otherwise I'd be Yongguk
@daljiyong same! I knew I missed them but it didn't really hit me til they announced the comeback
I never realized how much I missed these guys until I heard they're having a come back.. that might be the first time I cry over a kpop group
They all look good but if I had to choose without being bias I would choose Zelo that look fits him but if I was bias you probably already know I would choose JongUp