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Some people are going to hate me and probably call me out on this but I actually really enjoyed this season and I will tell you in a big dbz fan and so what if this season was fan made there were a lot of cool things in it . So tell me what you guys think !
For example if you think these two forms are stupid then your wrong because the story of how he can barely even control his own power but still manages to do so is pretty cool and who doesn't lie gogeta he was always my favorite since the movie and now is even more bad ass to me I feel even though this was a non canon season it still had a lot of things going for it and it had a pretty good story to it as well so if your a true fan you can atleast say it was ok because it's not terrible at all really
it was ok but it was my least favorite I was just disappointed with how soft everyone became with their time of peace
I just hated how they literally reused the same scene it was like watching a chase scene from the Flintstones lol